Du må være best i dag for å bli best i morgen

Adminitrative processes

In almost any kind of work, time can be grouped into value creating and non-value creating time. We work together with employees to limit non-value creating activities so we can do more of what the client is actually willing to pay for. These thoughts are often referred to as process optimization and Lean.

Most processes are chains of activities, from start to stop, for example within Production, Administration, Sales and Health. This is why a lot of the logics are the same, even though the tools can be different.

From our experience it’s better to involve the entire organization in this kind of work. From top to bottom. We often start of in small pilot groups, in order to create security in the process. Thanks to over 20 years of operational experience we know about potential pitfalls on the road towards flow and continuous improvement. And we walk this road together.