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Case Study – Construction Les mer



Too low productivity and exploitation of equipment and workers. This resulted in weak margins. There was a lack of order, cleaning, and system. Low degree of standard work performance. OEE on critical equipment was only 30-50%.


Performed an analysis in order to map the biggest sources of loss, as well as establishing measures and their priorities. Created a pilot with pilot groups. Later on the entire organization was involved.

Established a joint 24 hours goal measurement function on top management level and production level in the organization. Developed visible and detailed key numbers for the industry and established improvement groups on the most vital and critical areas of improvement in the flow process. Implemented 5S and standardization of critical processes, routines and procedures in the entire organization, based on customers’ needs and involvement.


Earnings for the organization were multiplied in just 3 years. OEE on critical equipment was increased by up to 95%. The company has achieved a unique attractiveness based on strong products and an involved management. All departments are involved in 24 hours meetings. They have a strong degree of standardization (Best Practice) on all levels, and a high degree of motivation and ownership among workers.