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Mechanics & Metal

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Running the department is characterized by continuous rotation of jobs, weak planning and a leadership style comparable to fire extinguishing. Based on this there’s a low productivity compared to what could have been achieved. A lot of big casualties, loss of time due to unnecessary restructuring, rigging and logistics related challenges. Measurements showed that only 70-90% of billable hours were paid by the customer.



An analysis was conducted in order to map the biggest sources of loss as well as establishing measures and their priorities. Start-up of 5S was implemented in the entire department. 24 hours goal measurement on department level was implemented where daily measures were conducted based on sold hours related to the plan, aimed at increasing the productivity.

Measured on daily problems. Start-up of standardization project (Best Practice), as well as standardized preventive maintenance activities. Established improvement groups in order to maintain focus on the most vital and critical improvement areas.



A significant improvement in productivity. In addition machines are up and running when needed during evenings/nighttime/weekends without manpower. This results in the opportunity of increased earnings with the same number of workers. Far better and more proactive planning, and improved ownership and motivation in the team. Defects were greatly reduced and quality was improved. Unnecessary changes were avoided to a large extent.