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Process Industry

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The organization struggled with low earnings and motivation among workers. OEE was down on 50%. Management was considering closing down the factory and the decision was imminent. Big cooperation problems between the management and workers. Lack of routine on order and system. A lot of defects and weak productivity.



The process ran over 4-5 years before world class was achieved, but the results were nonetheless improved in a short period of time. 5 Step 5S was implemented at the bottom. In 1-2 years a very good 5S was achieved. A strong analysis to map potential. Involvement of all workers and a strong focus on team development, leadership, culture and involving others.

Myer Briggs Type Indicator was used as a tool in all teams. Daily goal measurement was established after while with continuous measurements of biggest losses the last 24 hours and accumulated. Reoccurring faults were mapped and corrected. A lot of work was put into reinforcing the shift meetings on relay of work. 7 steps operator maintenance was conducted in all shifts/teams.

Specialist maintenance was implemented. In this way the role of the maintenance department changed from dealing with urgent orders to a more supportive and coaching role towards the force of operators. With a long-term focus on developing tasks related to stability and lifetime costs of equipment.

Standardized working sets were implemented. The SMED tool was used to minimize exchange time. All teams were organized with clear roles (main and bi-roles). TPM roles were organized on management level as well as team level. Supportive management was introduced. Internal delivery to client-focus was established.



Amazing results were achieved. The absenteeism (6 working shift) went down to a 2-3% total. OEE increased to 93-97%. The organization became after a period one of the best foundries in the world of its kind.

Low degree of “putting out the fire”. A strong ownership among operators and management, a high standard of HSE. Numerous improvements per person/year. The organization became a role model of its kind.