Du må være best i dag for å bli best i morgen


Tom Ivar Omdahl


phone: +47 982 08 150 e-mail:

Electro-technical education, as well as being an economist from BI Norwegian Business School, Tom Ivar has over 30 years of experience within the service industry. By working on standardization and continuous improvement based on best practices within sales, technical service and administration he has developed a brand into becoming a well-known market leader.

Rolf Røed Enoksen


phone: +47 982 86 030 e-mail:

Has worked for more than 20 years as a consultant. Has supported the development of all kinds of teams and leadership. During the last 8 years Rolf has to a large extent contributed to the proliferation of the Toyota Method and LEAN thinking in Norwegian organizations. He is concerned with the start-up support in improvement processes in a cost efficient way and achieves fast results in organizations.

Øyvind Reierstad

Managing Partner

phone: +47 913 70 232 e-mail:

Øyvind is educated as an economist from NHH, the Norwegian School of Economics, and has over 20 years of experience from Toyota, and the later years as a managing director within the dealer industry. He implemented LEAN and Kaizen as work methods, which earned him and his organization the title Toyota European Kaizen Champion. Øyvind also has experience from municipal services
and trade/service.

Mikael Karlson


Mikael is one of the most experienced TPM-LEAN consultants in Scandinavia with almost 25 years experience within the field. Saab introduced TPM as a work method in the early 90’ies and Mikael was one of the selected candidates to undertake the practical part of the process and therefore received extensive education in TPM/KAIZEN in USA and Japan. He has achieved good results within offshore, industry, mechanical and process industry, food industry and service/trade.

Johannes O. Borge

Business Consultant

Johannes is trained as tanner. As an operator and later on as the Managing Director of the family company Borge Tannery AS, Johannes has gained wide experience in process and production. In 1999 the family business started using LEAN in collaboration with a consultant from Toyota USA. Johannes also has experience from introducing LEAN offshore, within trade and construction.

Helene Ahlström

Business Consultant

Helene has a background as a line manager and Lean improvement coordinator at Postal Service and Pågen AB (Swedens biggest bakery). She has a wide experience within implementation of Lean and she was responsible for Lean implementation at the Postal Service and that was a big contribution to get USK in 2000 (Swedish quality award) . Helene has worked as an consultant for KAIZEN Institute and she was educated at KAIZEN Collage in Germany and Switzerland. After this she gained experience as a consultant within industries such as offshore,
mechanics & metal, construction, transport & logistics, food industry, and pharmacy.

Claes Josefsson

Business Consultant

Claes started working in Saab as an operator in a work-shop, then became a production planner, and after that head of production. He then moved on to become a material planner, head of logistics with the responsibility of procurement/import and export. He is trained within production management and general management in TPM. In addition to his experience in production Claes is in the process of gaining important competencies within the offshore industry and the food industry.

Truls Nytun

Business Consultant

Truls holds a master degree (Cand. Philol.) within the humanities, and has experience as a secondary school teacher, besides having worked with the elderly and mentally handicapped. His most recent position was that of organizational advisor at a major Norwegian Hospital. His main areas of responsibility within this function was lean process development, personnel policy development and project management.

Jan Hansen

Business Consultant

Jan participated in the managing team which was responsible for making Hydro thread foundry to one of Norway’s best models and World Class examples of OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency). Jan has created good results within industry and assembly, mechanical & metal, process industry and the food industry.

Bjørn Nordenhaag

Business Consultant

Bjørn Nordenhaag is one of Sweden’s foremost experts on the Toyota Method and has over 27 years of experience within Japanese production philosophy. Bjørn comes from the steel industry as an engineer and has experience as head of production, head of quality, head of research, product manager and head of markets with extensive areas of responsibility. Bjørn has several times occupied the role as en examinator for the award the Swedish Quality Prize. His Royal Highness King Carl Gustav awards this prize.

Per Steinar Monsen

Market Coordinator

phone: +47 951 86 768 e-mail:

Per Steinar is responsible for selling in, facilitating and organizing improvement processes. He has many years of practical experience from production, assembly, construction, offshore, food industry, as well as public management. Overall he has over 20 years of experience as a business consultant.

Morten Kismul Enoksen

Market Coordinator

phone: +47 932 20 338 e-mail:

Morten has experience from retail capital and sales.

Mary Berg

Market Consultant

phone: +47 454 14 275 e-mail:

Mary provides the market with offers on meetings, courses, seminars and conferences all over Norway. Mary has a long experience in evaluating YOUR need for competence.

Ann Helen Kismul

Administrational Secretary

Ann Helen is responsible for economy and administration of travels, hotels and car rentals.